Friday, 24 July 2009

Zephyranthes Citrina

Caught me by surprise ... after a period heavy rain last week, these small bulbs that I planted on the ground have been pushing up scapes, some with three to a bulb, and the colour is a bright yellow which is different than the one I bought from a different nursery, which is a pale yellow ...

Z Sulphuria

Z Suphuria

The other species, Z. Reginae, a pale yellow
Rain Lily


  1. i have this flower too..bunga ni bukan panggil daffodil ke?in my collection ihave yellow and purple.

  2. Evy,

    Ni bukan daffodil :-)

    Nama lain dia raily lily, fairy lily. Kat nurseri, ada yang panggil bunga kucai :-)

  3. Hi H,salam sejahtera..saya ingatkan nama bunga ni dafodil bab nampak mcm sama ja kan?...mcmna nak buat bunga ni ada biji yea?yg evy punya dah tanam lebih setahun tp yg wrna purple(mgkn pink..hehe)tu tdk pernah ada biji.yg wrna kuning bru sekali ada biji tu pn 2 ja..