Friday, 29 April 2011

Alasca, a sonatini white double

Here is dutch sonatini double, Alasca


The tip of the petals has a trace of red lining ...

After a long day's work, nothing beat the feeling of seeing a surprise bloom.

Sweet Lilian, a gift from a dear friend, surprised me with a bloom. I got this bulb late 2009, and the last boom was in Dec 2009, and 16 months later, in Apr 2011, I can see it blooming again.


Still as beautiful as before, and, after growing in this hot and humid tropics,the red stripes and veining are less pronounced.

Here is the picture of the bloom in 2009.
Sweet Lilian


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Varied varieties

Finding it rather tough finding time to write any updates to this blog.

Enjoy a few photoshots ...

Probably the bunchiest of them all ... 'Double Dream', a view from the top
Double Dream

Not to be outdone, 'Tosca', with 8 blooms from one scape

The remaining, still attractive in its own way, starting with 'Exotic Star', with 2 blooms per scape, make it even more exotic and desirable
Exotic Star

'Temptation', the name itself make you to want one

'Flamenco Queen' a deserving name
Flamenco Queen

The green trumpet that has no name yet.
Green Trumpet

'Melfi' so elegant and classic

And lastly, and still in bloom today, 'Lollypop'
Pink Rascal

... the end