Friday, 2 January 2009

Hippeastrum Zombie, part 2

Copied from my Fotopage

After much anticipation .... the first zombie finally opened up on 30th Dec 2008, which is about 19 days after being potted ... it receives indirect sunlight during the day, and florescent light during the night .... I think that's one of the reasons the flower bloom in less than 20 days. Normally, as stated by the grower, it will need 28 days to bloom .... the other reasons could be :
1) Warm weather
2) Baja seaweed 8-)

For information, this is my first full double amaryllis and the first bulb that I purchased from overseas, coming from the USA. I was anxiously waiting with anticipation. Will the bulb arrive at all? Will it grow and produce beautiful blooms as depicted in the catalogue?

Now ... for the sequel, this is the gallery ... entahlah today feel like writing in English pulak ... all the pictures were snapped on 1.1.09, what a way to start the 1st morning of 2009 ... greeted by a zombie!!!

Two scapes ... the first scape produces 3 buds (2 are in bloom when the pictures were taken) and the second scape produce 4 buds (also 2 in bloom).

This is the picture taken from another angle . Notice that the bloom is facing a bit downwards ...

This is taken outside, the black background was removed, in its natural environment ...

Close-up of the bloom ... notice no stigma and pollens ... so, I am not putting much hope in collecting seeds from this variety ...

This is the picture of a showy zombie ... jadi bahan tayangan, placed on a garden table in my terrace ...

That's all folks ... hope you all enjoy the show 8-) 8-) 8-)