Monday, 27 July 2009

Hippeastrum Andrea Maguire

Of the 5 bulbs purchased from Australia, Andrea Maguire is the first to bloom. It is considered miniature double, with cherry red veins, dots and picotee edges

ANdrea Maguire

Andrea Maguire

Andrea Maguire

With Blossom Peacock
Andrea Maguire, Blossom Peacock

With Giraffe
Giraffe, Andrea Maguire

And together
Blossom Peacock, Giraffe, Andrea Maguire

With Roseum
Andrea Maguire, Roseum


  1. Mr Hatta, boleh sy 'link'kan blog saudara kt blog sy?

    sy pun tgh berjinak2 mengumpul lily nih...

    skrg baru ade 10 jenis.

  2. Boleh je ...
    Terima kasih kerana kesudian Chekamala :-)