Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hippeastrum Parodii 'Germa'

Note : Hippeastrum and Amaryllis are technically two different words and are used differently by botanists. Hipeastrum is the more correct word but amaryllis is more generally used. I try to use the correct correct word in my blog as much as possible.

Germa is my first yellow hippeastrum and is classified as trumpet by commercial sellers. It is by far, the smallest hippeastrum in my collection, even smaller than the widely available H Roseum.

Enjoy the photoseries ...

My Germa has this habit of curling back on its 1st day, then it will gradually return to its normal shape over a period of 1 day ....

Pictured with H Roseum because i want to compare the size
Germa, Roseum

I also want to compare its trumpetness ... obviously Germa's trumpet is longer
Roseum, Germa

Pictured next to a yellow plastic pot

Pictured with H Charisma (note : Charisma is on its 4th scape, which I hope is the last scape :-))
Germa, Charisma

Pictured with Benfica
Benfica, Germa

and in between Benfica and Charisma
Benfica, Germa, Charisma

I got my Germa from Royal Colors. Germa was no listed at its online shop, but was sent to me as replacement bulbs for my Pink Floyd that I received rotten.

Again, a special thanks to Royal Colors!

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