Friday, 20 November 2009

H Reticulatum var Stratifolium 'Bangkok Rose'

Lack of info on its name, I will just call this H. Red Reticulatum :-).

Purchased it off e-Bay from Thailand in May 2009, about 6 months ago and now I finally get to see its blooms. It has variegated leaves similar to Mrs Garfield. The blooms, however, is similar to the species H Reticulatum var Stratifolium. The blooms is small, less than 3 inches in diameter

The flower, the reticulation, the picotee and the white pollens
Red Reticulatum

Side view
Red Reticulatum

Spreading its wings ...
Red Reticulatum

And now, comparison with Mrs Garfield

The front view
Red Reticulatum, Mrs Garfield

The back view
Mrs Garfield, Red Reticulatum

And the leaves
Red Reticulatum, Mrs Garfield

Everything is about half Mrs Garfield's size :-)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

H Razzmatazz' rebloom

Purchased from CH just over one year ago, and has rebloomed a few months after me cutting its foliage.

At this lowland, the bloom is smaller, petals have less red, with more pronounced veins and dots.

H Razzmatazz

When it bloomed last year, at the highland, it was like this :-)
H Razzmatazz