Monday, 6 July 2009

Japanese Roses : new additions

Last week/weekend there were some new additions to my JR collection. Now I am in the process of replanting them again, in planter's box and in 4" plastic pots. I hope that come this Raya, all my JR will bloom profusely, provided the Meally bugs do not get to kill them first :-)

Here are the new additions :

1) Pointed Leaves, large 'Dazzle Doubles' orange

Pictured with the other small multilayered variety
Double Orange

These 'Dazzle Doubles' JRs, I notice, are bigger in size, and do not sleep at night. Early morning, the blooms are already open ...

2) Pointed leaves, large 'Dazzle Doubles' Red
Double Red

3) Pointed leaves, large single white, get it from a friend
Japanese Rose

4) Oval leaves, large single orange, also given by a friend
No flower yet, but it is a large single, with rounded leaves.

Here are more more photos of JRs in bloom

'Dazzle Doubles' White, pictured next to the small multilayered white
Double White

'Dazzle Doubles' pink

Here is a better picture of 'Dazzle Doubles' cream
Double Cream

Enjoy the photos :-)

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