Sunday, 30 August 2009

My Amaryllis picture is used by a US company for its online business

I know I have been taking great-looking pictures of Amaryllis/Hippeastrum flowers, but I never expect that my pictures are worthy of inclusion in an on-line catalogue.

I found that 2 companies in the USA are using my Hippeastrum Cybister 'Bogota' picture for its on-line business, without informing me or obtaining my permission. The two companies a big corporations and are offering many varieties of bulbs.

Here is the picture of the flower that I took using my Olympus u840, with a purple background. The paper is slightly crumpled.


The image that they use. Notice the slighly crumpled paper behind the topmost petal.

And here is the picture being displayed at Willow Creek Gardens

Amaryllis Bogata at Willow Creek


And another at its sister company, EasytoGrow Bulbs
Amaryllis Bogata at EasytoGrow Bulbs


Plagiarism is a form of flattery, I guess :-)



  1. Sungguh2 ambil kesempatan.
    Kalau orkid, tak salah saya Nik Fahmi (sifoo orkid) pun terima nasib yg sama, dia saman company tu(local company) dan dapat apa yg sepatutnya dia dapat.

  2. It isn't flattery, it is theft. You could and should file a DCMA complaint when you see people using your pictures without your permission.

  3. I agree that is outright copyright infringement.

  4. they get the photo when you post them on the internet without copyright documentation. It then becomes public domain. If you did not pay for a copyright before posting or pay to have the photo embedded on your site, why are you bellyaching? It was you who didn't protect your work. Look in the mirror and yammer. Ran across this posting by accident and wasted my time and energy reading it!