Saturday, 1 August 2009

Hippeastrum Roseum

Widely available here. May be considered heirloom hippeastrums, already naturalised by the road side in in almost every body's garden in Malaysia.

I got mine given by my neighbour when he did his garden makeover in Jan 2008. I planted them en masse in my garden bed. It does not require any cooling period to bloom, may be just a semi dormant state. It can be forced to flower by cutting all of its foliage at the neck level, the the blooms will be forthcoming in about 2 months time.

Mine that are planted in the garden bed, in its second season of blooming, has been producing blooms since Feb 09 till now. I let them to bloom naturally without forcing.

Th blooms are salmon-orange-pink, with green throat, measuring 3.5 inches on an 18 inches scape.

H Puniceum

Puniceum Orange

Puniceum Orange

Puniceum Orange

With the red Puniceum
Orange Puniceum, Red Puniceum

With Tosca
Orange Puniceum, Tosca

With Chico
Orange Puniceum, Chico

Orange Puniceum

Orange Puniceum

With Night Star
Night Star, Orange Puniceum

With Germa
Germa, Roseum

With Giraffe
Giraffe, Roseum

With Blossom Peacock
Blossom Peacock, Roseum

With Andrea Maguire
Andrea Maguire, Roseum

With Zephyranthes Citrina, rain lily
Z Citrina, Roseum


  1. Just lovely!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Anna and Patti S,

    Thanks for visiting and for the nice comments :-)

  3. This is Hippeastrum stylosum. The name Hippeastrum roseum is a synonym of Rhodophiala rosea, a completely different species.