Monday, 10 August 2009

Happy Birthday, Muhammad Hazem

Born on 10th August 2006, at 3:32pm at Hospital UKM. The above picture was taken at 4:16pm, 42 minutes after his birth. Hazem is my 2nd child, and so far, my 1st and only son.

Daddy got you and daddy love you.

Nick name : Hazem

Favourite drink : susu kow-kow

Favourite movie
: Ultraman yang best (top at the moment). Also Cars, Baby Einstein, The Incredibles, Buzz Lightyear (Toy story) ...

Can not leave home without : pampers

Go to bed with : His baby blanket, his baby pillow, his ultraman soft toy and his plane toy

Best time to tease
: Just after waking up from sleep, before drinking milk and eating any food

Commendable trait
: Obediently swallow all kinds of medicine.

Worth mentioning
: Talkative and expressive



  1. Hi Hatta,

    So surprise when I saw your blog here!
    Remeber me? Im Jason from Kajang.
    Your son looks so chubby. I think Hazem must be drinking alot of milk. Congratulation Hatta!

    Btw, are you selling any heirloom Amaryllis seeds? I would like to order from you since you posted so plenty gorgeous pictures on forum.

    PS: You should have buy Transformers for Gen-X baby. ^^


  2. Happy Belated Birthday untuk Hazem. Maintain comel dr baby sampai sekarang.

  3. Jason, yes I remember you :-) Thanks for droppong by.

    Yes, I have heirloom amaryllis seeds that I have crossed with the ones I bought from overseas. I will e-mail you the ones that I have.

    P/S : Hazem got Bumblebee for his birthday, bought at the Petronas station :-)

  4. Shida, Hazem said 'thanks' :-)

  5. Bumblebee, woot~!!! What a great bodyguard for your son. Nice pick.

    Great! Let me know when you have seeds. I will buy from you. First in queue. ^^Y