Sunday, 2 August 2009

Germinating Rain Lily Seeds

Zephyranthes, also known as rain lily, propagates through producing offsets or through seeds.

However, from my experience, Zephyranthes Citrina, bright yellow-coloured rain lily, do not produce offsets, but will produce 10-25 seeds from one seedpod.

My first experience with germinating seeds from Z. Citrina happened more than a year ago ... I was trying my luck by just planting the seeds in a pot next to my Agavae.

The seed pod, just splitted and ready to be harvested
Z Citrina

The seeds, there were 12 seeds from the one and only seedpod, harvested on 16th July 2008
Biji rain lily kuning

Then, a week later, to my pleasant surprise, needle-like leaves were seen growing
Biji Rain Lily dah bercambah

And on day 17, they grow even longer ....
rain lili

And this is on day 37
Rain lily

Then I moved them to a bigger pot and forget about it. And they still survive without much care from me :-)


  1. Congratulations, you have an excelente blog. It's amazing to see all those lovely plants I like so much, specialy the Zephyranthes and Hippeastrum species.
    I'll came here often, to can see all:)

  2. That is extremely interesting. I have three surviving bulbs (the African Snails love the leaves) which I have been trying to propagate so I can get more seeds. I was wondering why they have not produced any offsets.
    I have thousands of pink ones which propagate by both seeds and offsets and maybe fourty or so white ones which only produce offsets.
    I'm looking at getting some other varieties either from seeds or tissue culture since imported plant materials must have Phytosanitary certification,