Saturday, 3 April 2010

Double flowering Hippeastrum Puniceum species

Probably the least expected event in the past few weeks, I managed to find an extremely rare and never seen before by most of the hippeastrum lovers all over the world. This rare double flowering hippeastrum species is probably the only double flowering hippeastrum species in existence now.

I was told about it by my two forummers, alifinara and sofiera. Both are regular nursery goers and they saw this double flowering hippeastrum. Upon seeing the picture, my first thought was, it was the hybrid, 'Lady Jane', but the petals are too thin and too frilly to be 'Lady Jane'. Then , upon seeing it in person, the size is of the bloom is small, about 4 inches across, with a small bulb as well. The petals are thin and gets frilly as they age. The throat is cream in colour, which is similar to the single flowering species, Hippeastrum Puniceum.

Further opinion from the experts, more or less confirm that this is the rare double flowering Hippeastrum Puniceum species. So far, from my search over the Internet, only two collectors have this, one in Hong Kong and another in Florida, USA.

Over the Internet, I could not locate any pictures of this being posted, just an old drawings, at the following links :

One name it as Hippeastrum Fulgidum Plenum

Another as Hippeastrum Fulgidum Flore Plenum

For the time being, I will call this H. Puniceum double.

How come the orchid nursery has this bulbs? ... I wonder, even though she adamantly claims that the bulbs are from the USA, which I believe is more of a sales pitch ...

Here are the photos

The bud
Fulgidum Flore Pleno

The flower bud, slighly wide in the middle
Fulgidum Flore Pleno

The flower bud before opening
Fulgidum Flore Pleno

The face
Double Puniceum

The throat, notice the cream throat and the anther with pollens
Double Puniceum

Another view of the throat
Double Puniceum

Side view
Double Puniceum

More pictures
Fulgidum Flore Pleno

Pictured with Roseum, same size bloom
Double Puniceum, Roseum

But shorter scape and smaller leaves
Double Punieum, Roseum

With Neon
Double Puniceum, Neon



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  2. Spectacular, I have a similar ....
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