Friday, 12 June 2009

Newly arrived bulbs this week

Today, I've received 5 more bulbs, this time the original source is Australia which has some unique varieties. Hope these bulbs will give me blooms after blooms for years to come :

1) Andrea Maguire - Rich Pink/white double
2) Amy Maguire - Red/white double
3) Party Pooper - Red veins ... glorious
4) Lavender Blue - pink with dark red veins at the throat
5) Surprise - single, bright red with white picotee edges

The website is

Last week received a shipment from Royal Colors :
1) Benfica
2) Nymph
3) Dancing Queen - bloomed yesterday
4) Fairytale
5) Germa
6) Rembrant Van Rijn

With the above, I now have more than 50 varieties of Hippeastrums ...


  1. Wahh...wah..wah....makin bertambahlah koleksi lepas nih...

  2. Hi hatta, good news!!! RoyalColors will be selling Tosca next season...

    Best Regards,